Show your support for Arkadia One by making a reservation

Character reservation offers perks and rewards that won’t be available after game launch such as Max Level Boost or special race-class combinations.

The following race-class combos are available for a limited time – Werewolf – Rogue Golem – Warlock Niglin – Hunter Niglin – Shaman Centaur – Mystic Centaur – Oracle Elf – Druid Furbolg – Druid

    • Registration

    • This is the account username, not your character’s name.

    Every reserved character receives
    Reins of the First Drake mount
    First Drake Form spell for non riding races

    The First Arkadian title.

    Thank you for making your reservation, further character customization will be available in-game.

    Please check your email spam folder in case the registration emails aren’t in your inbox.


    Arkadia One is just a MMORPG project with no studio or business team behind it. We would like to make it free for all once the game is completed one day. If you like the idea and the story, please consider leaving a donation.

    With your help, we can bring this game to life and share it with the world.

    If you’re part of a studio, company or an indie developer/artist interested in the project, please join the community or get in touch on Telegram.