The Humans are the Imperial Faction leaders, with their emperor Aryan Raikk ruling from the capital Imperial City in Hildoren. The humans set the standard for all Imperials to follow and any Imperial aspirants who wish to join the faction must adhere to strict regulations. For example, allied Kabala and Fae players cannot enter the Imperial City with their exotic appearance and require magical assistance first, transforming them into human form during their stay.


The Colossus are a demigod race of living statues, they represent an avatar of the Titans that created the world of Arkadia. The Titan Gods would not engage in racial wars on Arkadia, but they had to intervene after the Visitors struck an imbalance in the ecosystem. Each metal or stone statue is a mere vessel that was infused with a Divine Spirit in order to aid the Imperials. When the Colossus have to travel long distances their body shatters, releasing the spirit to roam. Upon arriving at the desired location, the statue reassembles from the ground up.


Hobblets are a childlike race that evokes love and affection in other Imperials, they come from Owo Town, ride bunnies and like ice cream. The parental nurturing element of the Imperials is in stark contrast with the Neggar, who don’t care about their young ones and have a more animalistic approach to parenting. Hobblets can be a little timid at first, but in time they build up the courage and become master rogues and wizards. It is also advisable for hobblets to avoid Chomonium Priests within their ranks.


Soma Elves are a transmuted race made of Elves that abandoned their ethereal form and Satyrs that joined the Imperial faction. The Soma Elf development is a coming-of-age story where the former Elf females accept their new corporeal form and become brides of the Soma Elf males, who were previously Satyrs. After the ceremonial rites in their valley, the mature Soma Elves are ready to set sail and travel to the Imperial City where they can develop their skills and join the Imperials in battle.


The Werewolves are a northern human tribe that became proficient with entrapping and morphing the Fae and Kabala wild races. The hunted Furbolgs and Xenotaur would adopt the wolf form as their bestial aspect and the tribe would conjure an additional human form for them. At first, the Imperials were weary of the Werewolves, seeing the tribe dabble in primitive magic. However, their impressive battle skills prevailed and they were accepted as equals. Werewolf players can choose the form they prefer and switch between wolf and human forms.


Arkadian factions consist of Cardinal and Transmuted races.

When creating a new character the player can only choose from the cardinal races. When they advance, they can choose an optional faction affiliation and conversion into the transmuted race. The conversion is permanent and irreversible, and the conversion storyline becomes available in the middle of the leveling process. It doesn’t require max level.

There are two Corporeal and two Divine factions, and the players cannot transmute into the opposite faction. This means that conversion from one Divine faction to the other is not possible, or from Corporeal to Corporeal.

Hostile Factions – Cardinal races can’t transmute into the opposing faction.

Friendly/Neutral/Hostile Factions – Cardinal races can transmute or build a friendly reputation with one of the two factions.

Increasing reputation with one faction decreases the reputation with the other.

Slave Mode

Slave Mode is a downgraded player mode unique to the world of Arkadia. Only the Corporeal factions can get enslaved, with varying degrees of susceptibility between the two factions and the races.

If a player has a poor gaming record, they risk becoming eligible for enslavement by the opposing faction Slave Masters or Hunters. In case they get enslaved during a PvP encounter, they will immediately switch factions and enter slave mode with limited player options. The enslaved character becomes the property of the Slave Master/Hunter and they continue playing together. If the master is not online, the slave can perform menial tasks on the master’s property, develop skills or play mini-games.

The master can also decide whether he wants to release his slave, reverting the slave back to his original class with complete autonomy, or if he wants, he can kill the slave.

After a slave is killed by the master the player’s character is completely erased, and the player can try his luck again by creating a new character.